Secret Homes

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What is a secret home?

Secret homes are homes for sale that are not on Websites or MLS and are not available to the general public.  

Why do secret homes exist?

Many home owners would like to sell their home but do not want to go through the hassle of preparing it for sale, doing open houses, keeping the home constanlty clean and other nusiances associated with listing.  

Some people also want privacy when selling without the general public knowing they are selling and moving.  

They like the appeal of  selling in a very quick, easy, convenient and private manner. 

Benefits of Secret Homes:

Avoid bidding wars / No Competition From Other Buyers

Have more selection to choose from when finding a home 

Get access to homes for sale that nobody else knows about

Reduce Risk: Get safety conditions such as financing and home inspection

Increase probability of finding the perfect home

Less Urgency: Take your time to decide on if its the perfect home because there is no fear of missing out

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