Beat Out Other Buyers to the Newest and Hottest Listings

Receive exclusive, proprietary access to our cutting edge program called the "Lightning Speed Listing Notification System."

We have a proprietary program called the Lightning Speed Listing Notification System and if we know your areas of interest, price range, style of home and other particulars that are important to you, we can provide you with instant, real time, priority access to all the homes that meet your specific criteria allowing you to beat out other buyers to the newest and best ones.  It provides addresses, interior and exterior pictures, days on market, and other useful information.

Our Lightning Speed Notification System includes distress sales like bank foreclosures, power of sales, estate sales, company owned properties, quic sale job relocations, court ordered sales,  secret homes not available to the public, homes reduces 5% to 20% and more  So, if getting a good deal is important to you, can you see the advantage in getting insider access to these types of properties?

There's no obligation to buy a home or even look at a home. 

Are you currently looking on sites like Zillow, Trulia or

Did you know that these sites are the last to receive the uploads of new listings which means you're not getting the info for several days and sometimes weeks late and when you do, it's often inaccurate?

The only way to receive the properties mentioned above is through Allan's Lightning Speed Listing Notification System.  You'll get ALL the homes that meet your criteria as soon as they become available! It doesn't take a long time to complete, and once your set up, you'll get them all and don't need to search all those other sites that have the big delays! Simply provide your information below, and one of our Buyer's Agents will contact you.

Find out how this Lightning Speed Listing Notificaitn System will work for you, simply fill in the form below or Call us directly at (289) 278 9046.  There is no cost or obligation.

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